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There are certain people who should not take furosemide, including those who are not producing any urine or are allergic to any of the components used to make furosemide.

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Information about Furosemide.

Furosemide is primarily used for the treatment of hypertension and edemaIt is the first-line agent in most people with edema caused by congestive heart failureIt is also used for hepatic cirrhosisrenal impairmentnephrotic syndromein adjunct therapy for cerebral or pulmonary edema where rapid diuresis is requiredIV injectionand in the management of severe hypercalcemia in combination with adequate rehydration.

Furosemide is also offered as part of the Tocriscreen Plus and Tocriscreen Library of FDA-Approved CompoundsFind out more about compound libraries available from Tocris.

Pharmacologic classificationloop diuretic Therapeutic classificationdiureticantihypertensive Pregnancy risk category C.

Individual intolerance to the active ingredient or other components of the medication dehydration hypokalemia and/or hyponatremialow potassium and/or sodium content in the bloodfailure of renal function comatose or precomatose condition due to hepatic encephalopathy pregnancy breastfeeding.

Pharmacologic classificationloop diuretic Therapeutic classificationdiureticantihypertensive Pregnancy risk category C.

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